Mobile Video Editing

Mobile Video Editing was formed in April 2000 by Jonathan Griffiths, who for the previous 10 years was a senior editor and a major shareholder at Headline Video Facilities, Readings premiere facilities company. We had a large client base from many different market sectors and I worked closely with a number of clients as their preferred editor having formed a good working and personal relationship with many of them.

Prior to that I joined The Arts Channel in 1985, first as a technical trainee in editing, camera work and sound recording and from 1986 as staff editor. My position as staff editor involved being responsible for all on-line and off-line editing together with the associated engineering alignments. Some examples of the type of productions were drama, classical and jazz concerts, documentaries, commercials plus the occasional industrial video.

Since forming Mobile Video Editing I have worked on a wide verity of programmes including broadcast, motor industry, pharmaceuticals, and many more but recently the majority of my work has been educational programmes which has include a lot of drama, so you can benefit from all my 33 years of experience.

I am currently offering a choice of editing software, Adobe creative suite, Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer. I can bring the edit to you instead of you having to travel to the edit. All I need is a desk and a couple of power points.

On the other hand, if you prefer to be away from your office for this kind of work then you can edit in my large comfortable log cabin located behind my home in Southcote Reading.

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